Camper Duaron Hard Top mais Frontier 2.8 Diesel 4×4


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We love to travel. We understand that a trip is a portal to new experiences, be they cultural, emotional, Hi 2recreational.
The image of the road or the airplane window, inspires a movement towards the new.
Writing about our travels, registering through our eyes every moment lived, is very enjoyable.

The zeal in preserving the stories and images, as indeed happened in their due time, allows us to relive those moments very easily.

Hi 3Now and whenever possible, we are taking our home with us to know the country and as soon as possible, to move to new frontiers, without haste, with no defined return date.
Contact us. Send your suggestions or criticism. Please consider that our reports are contained within a space of time we have traveled. Changes can occur and testimonials can and should be updated. If any information does not seem appropriate or outdated, let us know.

Receive our embrace (Carlos Roberto, Gleidys and his friend and traveling companion, Fredy the cat).

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Hi 5Watch our “teaser”, which shows a lot of our traveler’s life.

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